Panasonic KX TES824 16-Line PABX Machine

  • 03 Trunk & 16 Extension lines
  • Built-in internal caller ID,
  • Built-in DISA,
  • Conference
  • Expandable up to 8+24 Lines

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Panasonic KX TES824 16-Line PABX Machine

KX-TES824 is supplied configured for 3 lines and 8 extensions and can be expanded to a maximum configuration of 8 lines and 24 extensions. DISA/Message on busy is a new feature as is Extension CLI (option) and USB for PC programming. The new Panasonic KX-TES824 offers a superb solution for most small to medium size businesses. Features include group working, system speed dials, personal speed numbers, internal/external music-on-hold, paging, and auto-attendant.

The KX-TES824 Control Unit provides an initial capacity for three exchange lines and eight extensions but with the addition of cards can easily expand up to eight exchange lines and twenty-four extensions. Extensions can be standard telephones, cordless phones, or Panasonic System-Phones


  • Automatic fax transfer
  • Automatic pause insertion
  • Call forwarding
  • Call hold/pick-up, transfer, waiting
  • Conference call
  • Data line security
  • Flexible ringing assignment
  • Hold reminder
  • Intercom
  • Last number redial
  • Music on hold (external/internal)
  • Power failure transfer
  • Programmable call restriction
  • Pulse to tone conversation System
  • Speed dialing (80 numbers)
  • Distinctive ringing Door opener interface,
  • Doorphone intercom

A small business private branch exchange system gives each of your employees access to multiple phone lines through their desk’s phone. The systems are easy to operate and provide great support, but their installation can be tedious and time-consuming. Many hardware providers offer phone support that may aid the final programming of your PBX platform.

Locate an area central to your phone lines and employees; this is where you will mount your key service unit, the brain behind your PBX system; it must be connected to your phone lines and your phone units.

Attach the KSU to the wall with its mounting kit and your electric screwdriver. You may need to start the mounting holes with an electric drill.

Plug your circuit cards into the KSU. These are often used for voicemail and will have dedicated, labeled slots for each card. They are often found on the side of the KSU, although some units will require you to remove its casing for access to the slots.

Connect your telephone lines directly to the KSU using telephone cords. These are the dial tone lines provided by your phone company.

Run a telephone line from the KSU to each of your employee’s phone units.

Plug in the KSU to a wall outlet for power and watch to make sure its system lights all illuminate.

Turn on all of your employee’s phone lines and watch for the proper light to signal that it has connected with the KSU.

Use the setup and programming guide provided by your PBX vendor to properly code your unit. These directions vary greatly across models, so follow them explicitly.

Test your phones by placing and receiving calls once the programming is complete.

How does a multi-line phone system work?

Multi-line phone systems are not as complex as they sound, or as difficult to use. They actually work in the same way that a normal phone operates, except they allow you to enjoy the benefits that come hand-in-hand with

having multiple lines and enhanced functionality.

This means your business will not only be able to accept multiple calls at once, but you will also be able to successfully screen calls before passing them onto another team member.

Whether you would like to assign each member of your team with their own number that can be dialled directly to their handset, or you want all of your team members to be able to dial out to external numbers, multi-line phone systems are great communication systems that can be integrated into many different business environments.

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Panasonic KX TES824 16-Line PABX Machine

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